FB has been an issue to me. Indeed that FB can help us to communicate with friends and relatives away from us, but FB can also make us addicted to and be curious with the earthly trending issues.

Primarily, FB can keep us connected. That is the main purpose of FB, why Mark Zuch(…) made that anyway. Photos can be seen all over the world and we can find ways to talk through FB skype. For an instance, a mother who is working abroad can be virtually present in their home through video chatting. Likewise, a child can virtually feel the presence of his mother and may know her through her photos and post shared on FB.

In addition, FB can create more group of common causes. An example is a group of young environmentalists. They can share their ideas on FB in which they can create more impact on the environment. Another great help will be with the family reunion. FB can create an event and invite all family members all over the world to prepare for an upcoming gathering. By this, family members will be aware of what will be the plans for the event.

Yet these points must be balanced with the understanding that FB can help us to reach others, it can also make us addicted to the applications added 0n FB. First, FB has no limits with video uploading which makes pornography an issue. Another is  FB has so many applications that can make children stay long playing on online games.

To conclude, FB has been beneficial to some who know that it primarily helps us to connect with others but it is also the main cause of possible crime due to its publicity to all.

*So this would be my first IELTS writing practice.. haha.. I was about to write what I felt about getting back on FB but it seemed that what I just did is writing like an IELTS format. HAHA.. Anyway, I just want to say that sometimes, I got irritated with these FB status of some people that ‘s why I’d rather hid them from my newsfeed. Also, I don’t like that idea of making some noise thru your post. I’d rather want to have a private relationship that showing it off on FB. Why does others post their pictures of kissing their BF or GF on FB? What do they want to imply?

Teens nowadays are just doing things that they don’t really know. It is good if their motive is to inspire others but is it really an inspirational photo or post? Anyway, I’d rather have a private relationship that posting it on FB.

Happy studying to me! One month to go!



After watching a movie about a guy who wrote a blog in the newspaper about a girl, I realized that it was the sweetest thing a guy could ever made to a girl. Well, I am not saying that he will write in the newspaper, but isn’t it sweet that a guy will write to his blogs or will give you a poem?

How I wish that someday, one guy will do that for me 🙂

When you say nothing at all

It’s been a while since I posted something in my site. I lost my password and I was lazy to retrieve and reset it. (haha). There’s so many things in my mind now, especially my heart 🙂

I’ve been talking to different people around us and ere i know that something was there, I already felt it within. It’s difficult to rush things. It’s difficult also to pretend and assume that something must be there; but the fact was, there’s nothing.

He’s now on something and it makes me feel what exactly i needed to feel. It made me realized that assuming was a very bad idea. Also, it made me experience what this quote exactly means “God guarded my heart”. I am so blessed to know that He is always there to guide and protect me from all the worldly stimuli that might engulf and control me. It makes me become stronger and be more focused and determined to my dreams. Well, at first, he’s part of it; but now, i don’t know the real score. I did post something in my facebook account “When your head says “STOP”! But your heart says “Are you sure”? . Hope he read this.. HAHAHA.. This was a real joke. He doesn’t even know that I liked him even before I did assume that he liked me too. People around us were very supportive but I think, destiny won’t allow this to happen. (And now I’m talking nonsense, haha)

It’s been good to realize and to experience this feeling. It makes us stronger, more prepared and more expert. When that day comes I can tell to myself  “C’mon, I have nothing to fear for God is always there to take control”.

p.s. unedited ,, grammar is not an issue here.. hahaa

A questionable query!

It’s almost been a year since that day came. At first, I wasn’t expecting it to come from your mouth, but I did hear it. From the moment you’ve asked,I thought it was just a normal question that did not mean anything at all. But as the days went by, I realized and asked myself if, “did I hear it right”?

Days past, months changing and another year had started, yet until now, I keep on asking myself if when would it be. Nobody knows, only God knows. Clues anywhere but still it doesn’t mean at all. I still believe that the best clue would be from the you.

Or did I answered it correctly?

Time passed, minds were opened and priorities were changed. It’s been a while since I wrote here and it’s good to let it out, to let no one knows but me and me alone, writing and reading my own feelings. It’s good to be back, to bring our self out from unlikely world and help us realized that there is only one God who can lead us all the way ! 🙂

Bible School

I am a pastor’s kid. All my siblings had been to Bible school and they are treating me as special. For this reason, I knew I can’t study in Bible school after highschool but I am praying that one day,, I will.

One night, I mentioned it to my father and in my surprise, he overjoyed. I couldn’t imagined that he would allow me. Unfortunately, my mother and my other siblings wouldn’t allow me for I must passed first the nursing board exam for I just graduated.

Now, I am praying for His right direction.

Lord, Thy will be done. Amen and Amen.

Make a Difference

From a txt message:

The great thing a little LAMP can do which the big SUN cant do is to give light at night. It shows that no one is superior by size but by purpose. If we cant do great things, we can do small things in a greater way. Little things make a big difference to God. God is not impressed with our BIGness. He is interested in small but faithful steps we take towards Him each day. Stand up and make a difference in your own, simple way.

Achieving greater  things helps a person in boosting his/her  confidence. It satisfies the innate attitude of a man, that is to become great as a unique person. Everyone wants to be unique and trying to be unique. But some people doesn’t know that they’re already unique, the way they are. And why is it that almost all wanted to be unique, in a way that they wanted to be great?

Greater things come from smaller things. I strongly believe it. Being a great leader gives a great recognition to your leadership. But how about your members? The group as a whole? All of you work for it. In every small work one does, it can greatly give a big impact. It’s like you have Php999,999.99. You can’t be called a millionaire if you doesn’t have a cent. Got the picture? It’s like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re the master of this, expert on that, son of the president or anything that is greater according to the worldly definition. What matters are being GREAT in God’s eyes.

As Christians, we do great things in all ways. Now, I learned that we must not use the word great or small things for God because we are all doing GREAT things for HIM. Right? It maybe small in other peoples eyes but if we believe in our self and true in our hearts that we are doing it for Him, we can ignore their criticisms believing that we are doing it for our Savior and God of all, Jesus Christ.

to be continued,,,


Graduation is a moment where all the efforts you’ve made for the years you’ve spent in school will be rewarded. You became an honour student because you’ve worked for it. As what one of my friend said in his comment to my other friend, “you reap what you sow”. If you graduated with nothing, well, all i can think is – it’s because you don’t care about those recognition, or you can’t just reach its standards, or maybe because you just don’t want to have it.

Graduation is not also about celebration. It’s about reunion! Many wanted to graduate not because of the degree but because they believe that it might be the reason for their mom’s home-coming from abroad. My friend once said, “I don’t want anything. I just want to see my mom in my graduation coz for almost 10 years, I haven’t seen her”. Others also believe that this could be the perfect time for their family to commemorate the event, like having 2 events in one occasion; graduation and reunion – “to save money”.

Graduation can also be about the key for the future. Graduating with a degree increases your responsibility as a daughter to your parents, a sister to your siblings and a professional to your community. You can now get a job and earn money. But it’s far to achieve about earning the money for some undergo volunteer works for almost a year or two. So I am welcoming graduates to the world of unemployment.

But the saddest part of graduation is on saying “goodbyes”. The friendships you’ve found, the memories you’ve shared, the relationship that you’ve built and the love that was expressed will come to a point of letting go. Another chapter of your life must go on.

Graduation is the key for another stepped up in our lives. We move forward because of it. Our perspective in life changes from an immature dreams into a more mature decisions. It is now our time to live the way our community, family and friends expect on us. This will be the time to become more responsible not just to ourselves, but also to our love ones as they support us in molding our character, attitude and skills.