Relationship and FB

Saw some facebook status regarding their relationship, their love, and their being inlove with each other. At first, it’s like “oh, how sweet!” , and “aw, that’s cute”. But later on, it seems that, is it necessary to post and let the whole world know about that?
Well, later on, it is so annoying to see this post. The guy always posts something about love and checking on the girl’s status – she’s not commenting anything on his posts. I’m not sure if we’re thinking alike but yes, it is so irritating.
I like the way the guy expressess his love to her but i dont like the idea that his posting it on facebook. Expressing ones love is “so kilig” but posting it on facebook?? Haha. Well, that’s just my opinion.
I can’t conclude now coz i’m not in a relationship yet. But sooner or later, hahaha. . Well, i dont like that! Haha


That Moment

That moment when you want to cry, but you can’t

That moment when you want to talk to, but no one is available

That moment when you want to be sad, but everyone is just insensitive

That moment when you want to shout, but everyone else is already sleeping

That moment when just want to free your head from anything, but you need to finish something

That moment when you want to forget someone, but there he goes again

That moment when you want to get away from everything, but you can’t

That moment when you want to leave the country, but it is not possible

That moment when you want to end becoming a nurse, but you can’t coz it is your career

That moment when you want to deactivate your facebook account, but you can’t coz you need to contact somebody

That moment when you decide not to contact someone, but he just text you again

That moment when you want to say “I like you”, but you can’t coz you’re a girl

That moment when you want to be quite, but you can’t coz people are talking to you

That moment when you want to give, but you can’t coz everybody is expecting from you

That moment when you want to free your mind from all odds, but you can’t coz we’re all odd

That moment when you decide not to moment like this, but still you do this moment and post another blog..

sigh… i did not pass. now i’m confused… 😊

Praying for A Change

Praying for a change!

After seeing someone’s post, I realized that there’s a need to change in me, deep in my heart. Before, I’ve been praying specifically, but now, i come to a realization that there is an option to be open to any possibilities in my life.

My heart has been closed to anyone, waiting for the right one (him) to step up. But now, if he’s confused about that feeling, it’s better not to force it. Confusion may hinder one’s emotions and i dont want to be a victim of that confusion.

I’ve been into that before, imposing the characteristics that I like to the man that i will love. But I couldn’t find someone like a perfect match until I realize that we are not prefect.

There was so many of them, but I was still waiting. Now, I think I’d rather open up my heart for the one destined to me 🙂

I will happily forget and leave everything in order for me to listen and do on what God wants me to do!

When men truly love someone, he will act on it (not her).


FB has been an issue to me. Indeed that FB can help us to communicate with friends and relatives away from us, but FB can also make us addicted to and be curious with the earthly trending issues.

Primarily, FB can keep us connected. That is the main purpose of FB, why Mark Zuch(…) made that anyway. Photos can be seen all over the world and we can find ways to talk through FB skype. For an instance, a mother who is working abroad can be virtually present in their home through video chatting. Likewise, a child can virtually feel the presence of his mother and may know her through her photos and post shared on FB.

In addition, FB can create more group of common causes. An example is a group of young environmentalists. They can share their ideas on FB in which they can create more impact on the environment. Another great help will be with the family reunion. FB can create an event and invite all family members all over the world to prepare for an upcoming gathering. By this, family members will be aware of what will be the plans for the event.

Yet these points must be balanced with the understanding that FB can help us to reach others, it can also make us addicted to the applications added 0n FB. First, FB has no limits with video uploading which makes pornography an issue. Another is  FB has so many applications that can make children stay long playing on online games.

To conclude, FB has been beneficial to some who know that it primarily helps us to connect with others but it is also the main cause of possible crime due to its publicity to all.

*So this would be my first IELTS writing practice.. haha.. I was about to write what I felt about getting back on FB but it seemed that what I just did is writing like an IELTS format. HAHA.. Anyway, I just want to say that sometimes, I got irritated with these FB status of some people that ‘s why I’d rather hid them from my newsfeed. Also, I don’t like that idea of making some noise thru your post. I’d rather want to have a private relationship that showing it off on FB. Why does others post their pictures of kissing their BF or GF on FB? What do they want to imply?

Teens nowadays are just doing things that they don’t really know. It is good if their motive is to inspire others but is it really an inspirational photo or post? Anyway, I’d rather have a private relationship that posting it on FB.

Happy studying to me! One month to go!

February 2014

It’s Feb.1, my birth month. I woke up at 2 am coz i’m excited to work and attend my first review. Unfortunately, the typhoon is hindering me to do so. Our teacher texted that we won’t have a review today. Also, as of this moment (4:06 am), the flood is at hip-level. So i did informed my co-workers that i can’t make up to work today. So here I am, blogging.
I have so many things to share today. First is my application to Thailand. Well, I did apply to a university in Thailand to be an academic supprt staff, and I am still waitung for the second reply. While waiting, my sister informed me that I need to take Ielts exam again for there is an agency who will be hiring nurses for UK. I got excited about this. I was thinking on what to start and then my sister texted me that she would pay for my review with a condition that I wont be late and absent. Hahaha. My sister really knows who am I. Ofcourse, I agreed to this condition. I have no extra money as of now for I just got my ACLS certification which cost me Php4,000. That was my first half salary for 2014. Anyway, I started to review yesterday. And surprisingly, I got 2, mistakes. Yeah! I realized, maybe I need to focus more on it so that I can get a higher score. The first Ielts exam was just like I’m having a daily quiz. But this time, i will aim high and will end with flying colors. I will mark that day – March 8!
Another in my list of ideas today is my upcoming birthday! Well plus Valentines day. Should i include the latter? HA! Anyway, i will be turning 25 this Feb. 27. Last year, i did not celebrate on my birthday. Well that was on financial side of issue. Haha. I dont want to spend that day. I think somone got sick so i decided to use it wisely.
I am thinking, what will happened to me this month? Will there be surprises? Will there be celebration? Or will there be goodbyes? Why did i include the word goodbye? Haha. Anyway, i dont want to think on something or some issues right now. I want to focus on my ielts exam and get a score of 7 above. I just want to trust God today. If there will be an event this month, well, i am open to that. I was thinking also to deactivate my fb account but i realized and asked myself should I? Is it necessary? I think it is just about self-discipline not fb. This month will be the most memorable month. And hopefully i want you to be part of it . Yes you 😉

Can’t sleep

I just woke up an hour ago, and still I can’t sleep. And I remembered my blog, so here I am again.

We had our weekly prayer meeting yesterday and yes, I was there because I had my 2 days off. The message strikingly hit my heart. But what I wanted to write now is about my 2 highlighted prayers I made.

It sounded that I was selfish last night but I really specifically prayed about 2 main topic.

Firstly, I prayed regarding my future career, of what will I become. I have an option, well, should I say an opportunity to proceed to med school, and will finish it outside the country, or just stay as a nurse and work regularly here in Bacolod (well, for another year), and will follow my sister abroad. It’s an opportunity that will come to our life once and needs a heavenly decision and a strong commitment. I prayed that God will help me to decide on what to choose.

Secondly, I prayed about my heart. I prayed that He will guard my heart. I did pray that He will help me to open my heart to possibilities, to be with the right one. I specifically prayed that if he’s not the one whom I prayed for (past tense), He will help me to open my heart and be ready for His will. If his still in the future, I will patiently wait for him.

I just realized, if God will reveal him to me, I pray that I won’t wait for nothing. I mean that I am praying that he will be as open as what his feelings are, and that he will be there and will give me a chance to know him more. His presence really counts and I will appreciate his efforts to know me more.

In every relationship, (friendship, family, or special someone), both parties need to communicate to know each one. It’s not a one way relationship but both must know the existence of one. And I still believe in Filipino culture that a man must move first. Hopefully, it is not yet too late 🙂


I deactivated my FB account. HAHA.. Well, sometimes I wanted to get away from my stalking session with him..And also, I wanted to get away from talking with my friend (Nong S) about him coz it makes me feel the love. HAHA

This month of November, I will be having our defense for our masteral class and will be taking an exam for NMAT. This would be a very stressful yet exciting month for me. I will be going to Iloilo to take the exam on November 24 and hopefully, I can tour around Iloilo and go to Guimaras. I want to text someone so he can also tour me around but I think I will let the destiny hold it! HAHA.. As if…

Anyway, I am not prepared for the exam. I am so preoccupied with our papers for masteral. Praying that I can make it! It’s going to be a one take exam because it is very expensive. Also, the work load at the hospital was so tiring and it makes me so weak that when I got home, I just sleep. 😊

I made this post for I really wanted to go to Guimaras. Hopefully, after I take the exam, I can have a chance to go there. I really wanted to go to Guimaras with him and to get to know him more there. It’s just a nice place to tour around and see the beauty and creation of our Lord. Oh well, this is just all in my dreams. If God will reveal that “him” to me, I will tell him that we will go to Guimaras together. HAHA..

I know that no one is interested in reading my posts so I am making this as my diary, putting all together all my feelings and experiences. And when I get old, I will be enjoying reading and correcting my grammar.. 🙂


I just had an extravagant conversation between two people. I was not able to comprehend on what they fully talked about. They talked about history, context and it’s like I’m reading two Sunday’s messages in one setting. I really don’t know on what to say, and I really don’t know on what to think. All I can do is to pray for wisdom to understand these things.

At the end of it, I realized, will I be ready for it? (“It” is related to something else). Thinking of this, I am so selfish. I just think of myself and what will (probably and hopefully will I become). But I know that this is a life time decision that I have to make.

I am so ignorant, and there are no excuse for it. I am not a good servant and I am not a good follower. Yes, I am in a ministry but is it enough? There’s nothing enough in life. It’s the totality of our lives offering to Him. I may say that I have known nothing, but I know for the fact that He is always there in me, and I am in Him. Sometimes, we need to be reminded with the word. The word that is so complicated if you don’t have a relationship with Him. A relationship that is a life long process and must be understood deeply by yourself.

I’m praying that it’s not just on this written blogs. I’m praying that it will all start here. An attitude that will surely change my life and be a blessing to others. Taking a step at a time will help me, but what would be my first step?


I never imagined the plans that my sister has in her mind until we talked a while ago. This is all her plans for me and I did not expect that she also has another plans in her mind. Now, I am more dedicated to enroll myself to MedSchool. God really surprised me a lot! He really helped me to think and to choose. He helped me through other people. God is really helping me to know what’s best for me and for His glory. God is so great!

I will pay my NMAT exam tomorrow!! HAHA.. This is really is it? The answer is YES!!! 🙂

Moving Forward

I just watched a video clip from youtube which shows on how God is so amazing on how He build a relationship between a man and a woman. It’s just so amazing how God perfectly unite two persons and have a great relationship. It’s just so sweet on how a man pursue a woman and both decide to be together in this earthly lives.

Sometimes, this fear of mine makes me so afraid to be in a relationship that until now, I never engaged in such things like what they call a “relationship”.Since I learned about what this “relationship” was, I really started praying to God that He will give me the right person that will just love me before Him. I really don’t know if He already gave me someone or I still have to wait for someone but I believe that no matter who that guy will be, i know in my heart that God already prepared him for me.

It’s so funny that when I was in my school years, I mean like elementary and high school years, I have this set qualifications of a guy that must be exactly what I wanted to be. It’s just funny that it’s difficult to exactly have that kind of person until I started to open my eyes and heart. I started to have this feeling, just a feeling of liking, plainly liking, so that my classmates would not tease me of doesn’t have a crush. But it deeply come to a point that until now, I started to preserve that feeling. And today, it make me realized that some things are just not meant to be, and moving forward is the bright option.

Now, I’ve been thinking about proceeding to MedSchool. Yeah, another 5 years at school and even more. I’m a bit of worried about my age and about my family but in my heart, I really wanted to be a doctor to help more people and spread the word of God through healing and also music. I am just praying that I will meet a guy who will help me with this cry within this span of years (or before I start my MedSchool) so I will be prepared and we will all be prepared and will move forward to be missionaries and good steward of his goodness.