FB has been an issue to me. Indeed that FB can help us to communicate with friends and relatives away from us, but FB can also make us addicted to and be curious with the earthly trending issues.

Primarily, FB can keep us connected. That is the main purpose of FB, why Mark Zuch(…) made that anyway. Photos can be seen all over the world and we can find ways to talk through FB skype. For an instance, a mother who is working abroad can be virtually present in their home through video chatting. Likewise, a child can virtually feel the presence of his mother and may know her through her photos and post shared on FB.

In addition, FB can create more group of common causes. An example is a group of young environmentalists. They can share their ideas on FB in which they can create more impact on the environment. Another great help will be with the family reunion. FB can create an event and invite all family members all over the world to prepare for an upcoming gathering. By this, family members will be aware of what will be the plans for the event.

Yet these points must be balanced with the understanding that FB can help us to reach others, it can also make us addicted to the applications added 0n FB. First, FB has no limits with video uploading which makes pornography an issue. Another is  FB has so many applications that can make children stay long playing on online games.

To conclude, FB has been beneficial to some who know that it primarily helps us to connect with others but it is also the main cause of possible crime due to its publicity to all.

*So this would be my first IELTS writing practice.. haha.. I was about to write what I felt about getting back on FB but it seemed that what I just did is writing like an IELTS format. HAHA.. Anyway, I just want to say that sometimes, I got irritated with these FB status of some people that ‘s why I’d rather hid them from my newsfeed. Also, I don’t like that idea of making some noise thru your post. I’d rather want to have a private relationship that showing it off on FB. Why does others post their pictures of kissing their BF or GF on FB? What do they want to imply?

Teens nowadays are just doing things that they don’t really know. It is good if their motive is to inspire others but is it really an inspirational photo or post? Anyway, I’d rather have a private relationship that posting it on FB.

Happy studying to me! One month to go!


Summer time is family time

This is my article written in a local newspaper “StarLife” under “Young Lives” section. This section accepts contributions from grade and high school pupils and students in the form of essays, poems, features, photos, artworks and other pieces appealing to the youth.
At last, another school-year of challenges is finished. From the difficult tests to the constant projects, our chance to finally unwind and spend a meaningful vacation has come.
This summer, my destination is Iloilo. I am excited about my trip with my family and the thought that I will be swimming in the river and visit the bakery, where we can get whatever we want makes me smile. The fresh air at the countryside will be a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle in Bacolod City. I can go whatever I want in the barangay that I will be spending my vacation in because almost all of the people are my relatives.
Aside from this, I also have many tasks in the summer mainly because of my bid to get a scholarship in the United States. I have lots of requirements to finish and I will also be preparing myself as the Ambassador of Goodwill for the Philippines. I also plan to enhance my public speaking skills, learn more about our country’s history, culture and traditions. I also intend to learn how to cook and be more independent.
The thought of summer vacation exhilarates me because after a long time, I will be able to spend more time with my family.
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This is my article written in a local newspaper “StarLife” under “Young Lives” section. This section accepts contributions from grade and high school pupils and students in the form of essays, poems, features, photos, artworks and other pieces appealing to the youth.

I feel sad as I wear my school uniform these days for in a matter of time I will be shedding my blouse and skirt. I can just look back and reminisce all the wonderful parts of my life that I had spent in Negros Occidental High School.

Being a senior graduating is the most difficult part of the year. It is where we have to bid our high school friends goodbye. It’s the end of our camaraderie and the beginning of our new adventure in life. It may hurt but we have to accept the fact that another stage is finished and we have to part ways.

This coming April 7 marks the end of my high school life. Indeed, everyone will glad to receive his or her diploma, the prize of each effort for the four years in school. And how much more when you receive an award. It gives joy to us specially receiving it on stage with our parents. But this award is not as precious as we continue to pursue life, to achieve our goals. The important thing is not about the award but what the days would be after graduation. As what I learned, knowledge and learnings are more important than fame, trophies and recognition. Learn things and apply them to ourselves. Graduation is recognizing the students who had overcome the years spent in school. Marching on that day is the sign of how we strive and succeed.

Graduation is not a mere event but a ceremony in which we prove that we are well-prepared on the new pages.

As we enter the new chapters of our life, may we never forget the lessons and values of life that high school had imparted to us. May we forever treasure the moments and the memories of these four years in which we face problems and overcome them with God.

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