CGFNS CES Application

So, as promised, I  will be giving some detailed information in processing CGFNS CES Application. Before you do this, make sure that you are now ready to take the exam within a year. okay? so here we go!

  1. The first thing you do is to make sure that you have a credit card to pay $350 for CES application. There are things to remember. One is to make sure that you fill up your credentials correctly. Also, if you have masters degree (like mine), it is better to add it in your professional education. You can save in sending your documents thru DHL: (PRC, Master’s, BSN [3 times] versus PRC, BSN, Highschool, Diploma [4 times]).
  2. You need to wait for 24-48 hours in order to download the necessary documents. How will you know? Check if you already have your CGFNS Number.waiting-for-approval

3. Download the forms with status “waiting for approval”. As what i’ve said earlier, I added my master’s degree thus, my highschool credential was waived.

4. Submit this form to your school;. You are not allowed to fill up any information in this form. Take note that you also need to request for your Transcript Record, RLE Summary and Theoretical Background.



4. Lastly, make sure that the information in the forms are correct and complete. You are not allowed to personally send your papers thus, inform your school to just get the sealed envelope and send it using the school’s address.


Congratulations! You’re done!

Next step is you PRC forms.



Guide to process your NCLEX exam (Texas)

Hi there!

Well, if you encounter my page (yeah, this page), you are looking for ways on how to process your nclex exam. I had the same experience with you before. As of now, I am in the middle of processing my nclex papers. Before I reached this far, there are four simplified steps to make. Upon reading different blogs and comments, for me, this is the best order of processing your nclex. I did it too. However, I passed the IELTS and CBT exam so I focused more on processing my NMC-UK papers (which I will be blogging too).

These are the major steps:

  1. CGFNS CES Evaluation
  2. Morphotrust (Identogo)
  3. BON Texas Application
  4. NCLEX Exam

Please check my other page for specific instructions.


OH YEAH! I’m back.

Well, I’m planning to write on how to process your application abroad (US and UK). haha.. yeah, you read it right! I’m simultaneously processing my NMC-UK papers, as well as processing my NCLEX exam. Well, I decided to continue my nclex papers for the reason that I already spent a lot (uhm, around 40K??) for it,, so might as well proceed to get this international license.

Hope I can help those aspiring nurses with this blog. Just check my other posts later..

God bless

When the nurse becomes the patient

Oct16, 2015 – 11pm

Thank You Lord I’m home! Thank You Lord for Your healing hands..
Thank you for all who prayed and helped me. Well, this happened to me.
I was on night duty when I experienced the pain. As a surgery nurse, i kept on denying the fact that I was experiencing the symptoms of appendicitis. Yes, i was assessing myself too but ofcourse, i was on denial stage so the duty must continued. I took Omeprazole before I started my rounds and Hooray! Pain relieved for 5 mins. I turned off the electric fan because I felt so cold. As I walked in and out the SICU area, the pain kept on hitting me. At around 3 am, I couldn’t tolerate my pain anymore so I decided to contact our doctors 🙂

I would like to take this chance to thank the following for the success of my operation….
Even I was so noisy, “kulit” and was singing (this without my knowledge), still they patiently took my appendix away with only an inch & stitch-free incision..
Thank you GS doctors especially to my surgeons, Dr Manuel and Dr Desales for this…thanks Doc Joeie for being there… 🙂
Thank you also Dr Te for processing my UTZ and admission ,,and to the Radiology dept, thanks a lot doc for ruling out OB GYNE case
Also, thank you to the Anesth team, to OR Manager Dr Nalumen and to my Anesthesiologist, Dr Reyes for a pain-free spinal injection, and for a dose of Propofol to keep my mouth from non-stop talking , and well,,, to prevent me from experiencing spinal headache….and thanks to Dr Olivar for allowing me to hold her hand at the induction of aneshesia (coz I was scared) and for staying with me ….thank you also Dr Ganancial for the informative pre-op
Thank you also to the OR team (OR Supervisor Nong Eugenio , OR & RR nurses, Attendants, helpers, Nurse anesth Mam Ledi) for the friendly environment…
To all Floor 2 nurses, thank you for providing a private room, for helping me to be admitted and for taking care of me…
And to my GS family, thank you everyone and to my shiftmates that night for helping me realized that I was really in pain and experiencing the symptoms of appendicitis…. Thank you especially to our Headnurse Nong Ivan Mark Amazona for assisting me all the way..
To the Nursing department, to the supervisors who visited me, to Mam Jennifer Vingson Lio, Nang Cj Marianne Miraflor Isio and to Mam Balaan and Mam Alarba, thank you very much.
Also, thank you to our Chief, Dr Drilon for leading in providing high quality health care services…

Yes, i’m home in less than 48 hours with Php 0.00 in my bill…thank you to Philhealth also…
And to all who visited and prayed for me, thank you very much. Thanks too, Dr Keshia
To my family, my parents, sister, brother, and brother-in-law who woke up early in the morning to be there in the hospital, thank you for the love and support, and for taking care of me..

To all not mentioned, sorry, I cant remember everything.. Maybe because of the anesthesia? Hahaha
Thank you very much 🙂 love love

Password Retrieved!

Yes, I’m back (after a year).. Well, I think this time, I need to write more and share my thoughts more.. Hahaha..

I will be taking my IELTS this coming September 12 in Manila. I’m excited but quite nervous about it. Well, firstly, the exam costs around 15 thousand pesos. I paid it through my debit card with my own savings which led me to bankruptcy. hahaha. Secondly, this is my fourth take and I can’t afford to lose it again. However, this time, I am not busy with something else. Sorry if I refused so many research work. I am very much willing to help you guys but I need to pass this one first. Lastly, I am very happy to know the best way of writing. Haha.. It may costs me a lot of money but I think that the lectures were worth it!

It has been my prayer and dream to pass this exam. I believe that this is the right time to do it again and I am excited to process my papers and work in NorthTees, UK soon.. A friend of mine said that the hospital (NorthTees) is expecting the first batch to arrive this coming November.. Well, the rest of us were looking forward to follow them soon (maybe in the first quarter of the year next year?)


Relationship and FB

Saw some facebook status regarding their relationship, their love, and their being inlove with each other. At first, it’s like “oh, how sweet!” , and “aw, that’s cute”. But later on, it seems that, is it necessary to post and let the whole world know about that?
Well, later on, it is so annoying to see this post. The guy always posts something about love and checking on the girl’s status – she’s not commenting anything on his posts. I’m not sure if we’re thinking alike but yes, it is so irritating.
I like the way the guy expressess his love to her but i dont like the idea that his posting it on facebook. Expressing ones love is “so kilig” but posting it on facebook?? Haha. Well, that’s just my opinion.
I can’t conclude now coz i’m not in a relationship yet. But sooner or later, hahaha. . Well, i dont like that! Haha

That Moment

That moment when you want to cry, but you can’t

That moment when you want to talk to, but no one is available

That moment when you want to be sad, but everyone is just insensitive

That moment when you want to shout, but everyone else is already sleeping

That moment when just want to free your head from anything, but you need to finish something

That moment when you want to forget someone, but there he goes again

That moment when you want to get away from everything, but you can’t

That moment when you want to leave the country, but it is not possible

That moment when you want to end becoming a nurse, but you can’t coz it is your career

That moment when you want to deactivate your facebook account, but you can’t coz you need to contact somebody

That moment when you decide not to contact someone, but he just text you again

That moment when you want to say “I like you”, but you can’t coz you’re a girl

That moment when you want to be quite, but you can’t coz people are talking to you

That moment when you want to give, but you can’t coz everybody is expecting from you

That moment when you want to free your mind from all odds, but you can’t coz we’re all odd

That moment when you decide not to moment like this, but still you do this moment and post another blog..

sigh… i did not pass. now i’m confused… 😦

Praying for A Change

Praying for a change!

After seeing someone’s post, I realized that there’s a need to change in me, deep in my heart. Before, I’ve been praying specifically, but now, i come to a realization that there is an option to be open to any possibilities in my life.

My heart has been closed to anyone, waiting for the right one (him) to step up. But now, if he’s confused about that feeling, it’s better not to force it. Confusion may hinder one’s emotions and i dont want to be a victim of that confusion.

I’ve been into that before, imposing the characteristics that I like to the man that i will love. But I couldn’t find someone like a perfect match until I realize that we are not prefect.

There was so many of them, but I was still waiting. Now, I think I’d rather open up my heart for the one destined to me 🙂

I will happily forget and leave everything in order for me to listen and do on what God wants me to do!

When men truly love someone, he will act on it (not her).

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

In less than 3 hours, I will be celebrating my 25th birthday!! Yehey!! It’s like yesterday that I graduated from elementary, high school and college. haha

Sweetest birthday gift?? hmmm, when your crush will call and will greet you!! haha

Saddest birthday happenings? when your salary is not yet available.. huhu

Happy Birthday to me!! haha


FB has been an issue to me. Indeed that FB can help us to communicate with friends and relatives away from us, but FB can also make us addicted to and be curious with the earthly trending issues.

Primarily, FB can keep us connected. That is the main purpose of FB, why Mark Zuch(…) made that anyway. Photos can be seen all over the world and we can find ways to talk through FB skype. For an instance, a mother who is working abroad can be virtually present in their home through video chatting. Likewise, a child can virtually feel the presence of his mother and may know her through her photos and post shared on FB.

In addition, FB can create more group of common causes. An example is a group of young environmentalists. They can share their ideas on FB in which they can create more impact on the environment. Another great help will be with the family reunion. FB can create an event and invite all family members all over the world to prepare for an upcoming gathering. By this, family members will be aware of what will be the plans for the event.

Yet these points must be balanced with the understanding that FB can help us to reach others, it can also make us addicted to the applications added 0n FB. First, FB has no limits with video uploading which makes pornography an issue. Another is  FB has so many applications that can make children stay long playing on online games.

To conclude, FB has been beneficial to some who know that it primarily helps us to connect with others but it is also the main cause of possible crime due to its publicity to all.

*So this would be my first IELTS writing practice.. haha.. I was about to write what I felt about getting back on FB but it seemed that what I just did is writing like an IELTS format. HAHA.. Anyway, I just want to say that sometimes, I got irritated with these FB status of some people that ‘s why I’d rather hid them from my newsfeed. Also, I don’t like that idea of making some noise thru your post. I’d rather want to have a private relationship that showing it off on FB. Why does others post their pictures of kissing their BF or GF on FB? What do they want to imply?

Teens nowadays are just doing things that they don’t really know. It is good if their motive is to inspire others but is it really an inspirational photo or post? Anyway, I’d rather have a private relationship that posting it on FB.

Happy studying to me! One month to go!